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Q : Why do I choose MayerShops?

A : We are a  professional and reliable storm trading online shop providing a variety of Best Reviews Binoculars, Laser Pointer, Rifle Scope,Red Dot sight and Night Vision at Discount Price since late 2010.Hunters, stargazers, bird watchers, hikers, tourists, sports fans - we've got what you need.Everything you purchased from is backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee, we'll match or beat any of our competitors' prices. Throw in free or low-cost shipping and quick delivery and it all comes into focus: is the premier place for advanced optical devices like Binoculars,Riflescopes and Laser pointer.

Q:Will I have to pay sales tax?

A:We will mark "gift" on the package, so no sales tax.

Q : May I know whether you are safe?

A:We have chosen the best e-commerce service in the industry cryptocurrency trading , and guarantee secure payment processing. Keep in mind that we ensure 100% payment security.

Q : How can I place an order?

A:At MayerShops, ordering is easy and simple.Just follow some steps you will get what you want. 

Q : How can I do the payment?

A:There are different ways you can choose to pay at our webiste.You can choose paypal,credit card and others. 

Q : What currencies can i pay?

A:Our price is US dollar, but you can use your local currency if pay via Paypal. Paypal will convert for you automaticly.

Q : Do you have a store?

A:Sorry,We just do the business on line.

Q : How can I choose my product?

A:For every item we do offer product detail,please check it before you place your order.

Q : What's your newest items?

A : You can pay attention to this link: New Products

Q : How can I know my order status?

A : Please login in to check at "MY ORDERS" line. We will update any news in time. You can also contact us to check the tracking number for your order.

Q : Can I exchange my item or shipping address?

A:Yes you can but you have to inform us before your item been sent out. Please note we can't do the exchange once we have sent out your order.

Q : How fast can i get my best crypto trading platform in philippines order?

A:Different shippping method will cause different delivery time. Usually it will take you 5-30 days depends on what shipping methods you choose and where are you from.  

Q : Can I cancel my order?

A:Yes you can cancel yourself if not paid, else you need to contact our customer service to cancel for you before ship out. Also for sent out order you can't cancel them.

Q : Can i return my item?

A:If you are not satisfied with your purchase and want to return them back please contact our customer service first. But you need to pay for the return shipping fee. About return policy you can click this link : Return and Exchange

Q : How to contact you?

A:please contact via Email, Phone, you can click this link: Contact Us