Winging the Basics of the Cat Eye

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You have seen almost anyone and everyone try it by now; your sister, your best friend, going into a gala, the movies, or just right across the street to pick up things from the grocer. Almost any girl and maybe some guys you seen by now have put on the cat eye make-up. Even little girls do it as probably their moms, sister, aunt or other older woman related to them took a fancy on doing a cat eye make-up for these little girls’ party or school play or some other engagement. Needless to stress further, this eye make-up has been widely popularized and in vogue for periods of time. You would think by now most women who passed this on from generation to generation have perfected the skill at creating this eye make-up technique, but has remained truly a challenge. It does look easy though, just stroke your eyeliner with a clean curve or wing finish and you would instantly have that glittering, lush and smoldering eyes effect. But no, most women still find this chic trick elusive to handle, especially after several doing over. However, many prolific make-up professionals such as and can offer and assist you in practicing and perfecting this eye make-up technique.

Several eyeliner products like liquid eyeliners and pencil eyeliners are available widely to get you into easily creating the cat eye. You can choose one that suits you, but if you can get a gel eyeliner that would dry and last long to your desired finish then this is more preferable. It comes with a texture that makes it easy to apply over your eyelids and give you that cat eye in just a short time. If it is water proof, then this is even better to prevent creasing and smudging. Perform the following steps to get you on to perfecting that cat eye with your gel eyeliner.


#1. First pick an eyeliner brush that is angled and apply on you upper eyelid, lining over your lashes. Dab your brush to the eyeliner gel and create a line that is close to the eyelash line base. This line must be drawn thin.

#2. Create a medium thick line on the corner of your eye. This line is drawn from inner to outer and should first be precisely thin and then widen as you go on beyond your last eyelash.

#3. Create a thin curve or wing that is directed out and up from your outer eye corner. The tip must be at an angle that is pointed up to your eyebrow end. Dip a cotton bud or a swab on water and wipe off excess lining or to necessarily thin your cat eye curve and give it a sharp and pointed finish. You can also try putting small trails of dots along your upper eyelid to form your cat eye and this will serve as your guide when you trace your eyeliner over it.

Practice makes for excellence! You can try various line thicknesses and cat eye curves or wing angles to see which you prefer most or you think would compliment your eyes most. This eye make-up technique can be intimidating for beginners, but as you keep doing it, you will also come to ways to improve yourself on it and even do your own modifications to it too.

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