Essential information about Prickly Heat

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Essential information about Prickly Heat

Prickly heat is a condition which is common in places where it’s humid and hot weather is mostly the peak season of the year. This usually occurs wherein the sweat ducts are blocked under the skin. Perspiration is retained causing it to form beneath the skin. Prickly heat can be classified as moderate to severe. If you do not want to experience the occurrence of rashes avoid being exposed to too much sun waves as this will eventually lead you to developing a prickly heat. The use of sun screen lotion such as protects you from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays of the sun and to continuously take care of your skin. The presence of prickly heat is everywhere in the body and this could get worsen. In purchasing for sun scream, it is important that you ask your doctor if you can avail sun creams like for additional protection even if you are outside of your home.

Symptoms of prickly heat are the following. Miliaria crystalline- this develops when the sweat glands develops an upper most layer of the skin and its pores where clogged. This is the kind of prickly heat wherein it can be bursted too easily. This subsides on its own way but it also recurs when you are again exposed to the sun and or there are too much friction involves as this is very itchy. Miliaria rubra- rash occurs at the outer layer of the skin that it also affects the deeper areas of the body. The term prickly heat is commonly used because of its condition. This also affects adults who are exposed to the heat of the sun. Newborn infants can also be affected if ever they are exposed to heat or sunlight as their body system has not yet fully developed. Miliaria Profunda- this is common on an adult that has a recurrence of prickly heat. Its cause can surely lead to skin lesions.

peppermint-essential-ointment-treat-pricklyThe treatment of prickly heat is very simple but it takes awhile for it to heal thus have your skin back to its optimal state. All you need to do is stay away from humid places and or as much as possible keep yourself from being exposed too much sun. By wearing light clothing so as to not keep you from sweating. Bathing in a cool water helps alleviate the itchiness and at the same it cools down the heating skin into a normal state. The improvement of treating prickly heat has made more manageable and at the same time achieve the goal of the healing process.

Here are some remedies that you might consider and is indicated as well by your attending dermatologist. The use of oatmeal during bathing as this will help in minimizing inflammation and itching of the affected area. A dust talcum powder is also indicated with prickly heat its purpose is to absorb the moisture that will cause bacteria and prevent it from spreading. Applying aloe vera- natural sources of alleviating prickly heat are the most effective means of treating prickly heat.

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