The Wedding – How to Prepare for your Big Day

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Brides that hire event coordinators usually have everything arranged by them, but it doesn’t mean that the bride herself doesn’t have anything to say for their wedding day. Whether they hire a professional or not, the bride always has the final say on everything, and those hired for the event are to comply without question.

If you plan to shop for your wedding dress, headpiece, accessories, etc., here are some tips from before you buy your collection.

Plan on your budget

Many brides do some window shopping first before they plan on their budget. This will give them an idea how much they are willing to spend and adjust a couple of extras there when necessary. But just because you are window shopping, doesn’t mean that you are going to try on those wedding dresses that are too expensive for you. There are times when you think that the price is right only to witness that the design you love is a couple of tens or a few thousands more than what you have initially planned.

Most of all, there might be a need for alterations depending on the wedding dress that you bought. You also need to factor that into your budgeting plans as well. Include also shipping fees, taxes, shoes, veil, lingerie and accessories.

Start Early

This might surprise most brides, especially how early they should prepare for their wedding. This is not a casual dinner party for your friends wherein you can plan a week ahead, and everything is set and ready. Weddings can get complicated and devastating when not planned properly, and the most devastating ones are those that are planned in such a short amount of time. The most recommended would be six months before the actual wedding day, but others go as far as one year ahead. This is a perfect time for picky brides to choose the one that they want for their wedding, especially when it comes to shopping for wedding dresses, accessories, etc. This means that you need to give yourself a lot of time to think about so that you don’t make a hasty decision when you are running out of options and time to think about it.

Determining the dress code

Depending on the venue that you are going to take your wedding vows, you might want to consider the dress code. This is especially true with religions with strict dress codes. If you are going to have your wedding in a house of worship, try to find out their attire guidelines not only for you but also for your entourage, sponsors, and guests.

Be Yourself

When it says be you, it means that you need to figure out the things that you like and are comfortable with during your wedding day. It can be easy to think about it, but some brides are overwhelmed by this decision. What you should keep in mind is that you choose the things that make you happy, since this is your wedding.

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